Program Options

While you may come from a different background and face varying challenges than your peers, you most likely share the following concerns with most executives of other family-owned and closely-held companies:

  • To learn and grow while remaining at the helm of your firm
  • To succeed in regional and global business environments
  • To acquire skills critical to your level of leadership
  • To produce profits and results
  • To make effective business decisions
  • To find balance in your stressful business and personal lives

All our Excell programs intentionally address these issues on a regular basis through a combination of executive sessions, individual consultations and executive development.

Our Group Options

While you share many elements in common with all business executives, you likely face unique challenges to your business based on your:

  • Size
  • Stage of business growth
  • Specific configuration
  • Experience as an executive

We segment our members into three types of groups that share similar characteristics: Excell Forum, Excell Growth and Excell 100. All groups are managed by a professional adviser and are usually composed of five to fifteen executives. Depending on the format, the length and timing of the sessions vary.

Excell Forum   For emerging entrepreneurs, small companies or groups of businesses that prefer a half-day approach.
Excell Growth   For established companies, usually with annual sales between $3 and $100 million and the leadership structure, growth issues and opportunities to get to the next level.
Excell 100   For firms and CEOs who have achieved the highest levels of success and industry leadership, with annual sales usually exceeding $100 million, and a leader who has lead a company of that success or are growing exponentially toward that end.