Membership Overview

The concept of executives banding together is not new. There are many forms of business organizations intended to further an industry, meet social and civic responsibilities, share leads or improve networking. Excell is not primarily a networking or social group or just another organization to join; it is an intentional resource that business leaders leverage when they are looking for a proven way to grow their businesses.

Because the trust-based relationships between the executives within our groups are so critical to the success, we take the review of new members for “fit” very seriously. We are a nomination-driven organization so business leaders do not typically self-select for membership. Typically members are nominated by existing members and partners and invited to become members after a thoughtful selection process.

In considering a nominee for membership, we are looking for business leaders who have the following attributes:

D esire excellence – as a leader and for their company.

R eady to invest – the time, effort, energy and funding necessary to grow themselves and their company.

A bility to take action 

W illing to do the hard work – that it takes, on a regular basis, to succeed

N eed for continuous improvement – in the pursuit of excellence.

One nominee, upon making the decision to join said:

“I am involved in so many organizations that I did not think I could afford to spend another day away from the company. When I interacted with some of the top businesses leaders in the group I realized that their continued membership in Excell was giving them the successes I wanted:  I could not afford not to spend the one day a month with Excell.”