Success Stories

Pocket Tool Manufacturer

They gave birth to the multi-purpose pocket tool industry and their products are known worldwide. But for several years they had only one product. During the issues portion of the Excell day, members repeatedly said, “It isn’t wise to be a single product company!” After several months, that member came in with second and third products called the “Super Tool” and the “Micra”. Their success surprised them, so many more tools soon followed. Becoming a multi-product company was a pivotal decision brought about through peer mentoring. Without that decision the company might not exist today. By comparison, they’ve grown into three new facilities, with hundreds of employees.

Circuit Board Manufacturer

They produced state of the art printed circuit boards. In Excell, they were asked to develop and present their future business strategies for peer review. Missing from the plan was a clear vision of their direction. The group wouldn’t let them skirt this. It took them two years to crystallize their vision, realizing in the process that they could not compete in their industry long term. Subsequently, everything they did was to position the business to sell. Dreaming of a $25 million sell price, they received $76 million instead.

Utility Vehicle Manufacturer

When joining Excell, their annual gross revenues were just under $6 million. When they sold thirteen years later, revenues were nearly $70 million. Their journey was not one of a single key insight, or a pivotal decision. Rather, it was one of planning, seeking advice, responding to the input from peers, and availing themselves of multiple resources to improve the dynamics of the business. “I was never required to have a business plan until I joined Excell. Now look at the results!” The member, now retired, can enjoy his travels to Europe and numerous grandchildren.

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