Membership Selection

Excell works with existing members and strategic partners to identify and nominate individual business leaders who are actively looking to pursue excellence, and take their businesses to the next level. Occasionally, leaders will encounter Excell on their own and opt to nominate themselves for membership.

Questions to ask yourself if you are considering membership:

Are you?

  1. The leader (or heir apparent) of a family-owned and closely-held company with revenues ranging from small start-ups to enterprises with over $300 million annual revenue?
  2. Driven and ready to succeed?
  3. Willing to openly participate in peer-to-peer mentoring and protect your peers’ confidentiality?
  4. Committed to regularly attend monthly a month for CEO-level training by a noted local expert and a confidential work session that allows members to bring their pressing business issues to the group for advice and problem solving.

The nomination and selection process typically involves a period of time in which candidates attend a CEO-level presentation and interact with current members. The existing group members take the time to get to know the candidate and their company, and determine if the fit is good for a particular group. This process insures that the nominee’s company is not a competitor to current Excell group members and is acceptable to them through confidential approval.

Excell continues to grow, and establish new groups throughout the Northwest. A new group can start with as few as five members.

Ready to nominate a NW business executive?
Self-nominations may be considered but must go through the same nomination process to assure “fit” with current group members.

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