Excell100 members have achieved the highest levels of success and industry leadership, with firms usually over $100 million in annual gross sales. These companies have built management teams, solid infrastructures, and financial confidence, but their CEOs know it is not easy to maintain their strategic advantage. More than ever before, they recognize the need for knowledge and strategies to continue to succeed in regional and global business environments. They seek confidential and competent camaraderie and the seasoned, substantive counsel of peers who have the experience to understand their issues.

Excell100 is designed to meet the needs of these seasoned CEOs while considering the value of their time and their difficult schedules. While the program structure is flexible, the core element is a regular Leader to Leader™ meeting with the timing and duration determined by the group.Meetings often include a presentation carefully tailored to the group, using top-quality local or regional resources. The executive session follows, where members can develop solutions for their business challenges and plans for accomplishing their highest business and personal goals. In addition, every month they receive one-on-one coaching from their group’s experienced, professional Group Leader.

CEO candidates for Excell100 membership must meet one or more of the following criteria:

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  • Leader of a firm currently above $100 million in gross annual sales
  • Previously led a firm of over $100 million in gross annual sales
  • President or CEO of a company recognized as a national leader in its industry
  • By virtue of experience and accomplishments, the CEO brings valuable resources to a group at this level
  • Leading a company that is growing exponentially toward $100 million in annual sales


Excell currently runs an Excell100 program in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. CEOs from other areas may choose to travel to participate in a group.