“In our organization I find some ‘yes’ people and some ‘no’ people, but not a lot of unbiased input. That’s what I get from Excell.”
-Gary Coe, President, Coe Enterprises

“During a national credit crisis, when banks wouldn’t lend operating capital even to those with the collateral, members in my group advanced me over $400,000 to keep my business alive. I credit Excell and my group for avoiding a potential disaster.”
-Larry Clem, President, Multicomp

When issues are brought to Excell, I’m often amazed that the group’s collective answer is better than mine individually.
-Tim Leatherman, President, Leatherman Tool Group

“Being a small, closely held business makes it difficult to get experienced, objective advice especially regarding family issues. Excell members have helped me work through some very difficult and sensitive issues over the

-Daniel Gossack, President, TimeMark Incorporated.

“I think your program content has been fantastic and that alone has been worth the price of membership. And that isn’t even the best part.”
-Rex Bruensbach, Chairman and CEO, Electronic Controls Design

“We know of no other program that has elicited such a high commendation and offers such apparent benefit.”
-Larry Glassock, President, SEDCOR

“In Excell I finally have time to work on my business rather than in it.”
-Jay Wilt, Partner, Laughlin-Wilt Group

“Now I have the confidence to really take charge of my business. I couldn’t have done it without Excell Forum.”
-Susan Webb, President, Glass Alchemy

“For me, Excell is the CEO mentor – always there to provide critical insights into my decisions.”
-Ron Roalsen, President, Rubber and Plastics

“Suggestions I received from a personnel issue, that was so sensitive it could have landed us in court, were worth the cost of the entire Excell membership…and then some.”
-Steve Smith, President, Tec Laboratories, Inc.

“With the impact it’s had on my business, I can’t afford NOT to belong to Excell.”
-Dianna Rogers, President, Plastics Development, Inc.

“No one really understands the issues you face other than other company presidents, like the peers I confide in, in Excell.”
-Judy Fuglestad, President, Gem Top Manufacturing