Forum is an Excell group format for small companies and emerging entrepreneurs. These are companies and leaders who are just getting their business growing and are still developing their infrastructure; smaller companies which may have limited funds and fewer employees to share tasks. These leaders face many challenges as they struggle to survive and grow beyond the entrepreneurial stage.

Forum provides these emerging CEOs with a means to acquire the skills they need to lead. In a professionally coached environment, they connect with similarly situated leaders of small but growing firms, and learn from each other’s experiences. The group is their sounding board as they develop and implement their plans.

The core of the Forum program is the half-day monthly work session, where members present their current challenges and work together on solutions. Some sessions also feature training presentations to develop or update leadership skills. The Forum Group Leaders provide limited consultation between sessions, primarily by phone.

Forum is also a good fit for more established business leaders who prefer a half-day format. We work to accommodate these leaders with a scaled back version of Excell that provides the core Leader to Leader™ Process without compromise, yet with fewer presentations and less consultation time.