Membership Benefits

1. Reduce Isolation

Reduce Isolation It can be lonely at the top. Once you become an executive you often no longer have peers within your company at a similar level with whom you can connect on a professional or personal level. With Excell you will be surrounded by an intimate group of peers who have been in your shoes.

2. Reduce Fear/Anxiety

h It can sometimes be overwhelming when you know your company’s, your family’s and your employees’ future depends on your judgments. With Excell you will make more informed choices and increase the confidence that you are pursuing the most effective outcomes for your business.

3. Make Better Decisions

h Improving your business and increasing its profitability comes down to making better, more informed decisions. With Excell, you will regularly hear regional experts present on some of the most pressing business issues and share best practices with some of the area’s best executives, often with complementary expertise.

4. Unbiased Feedback

h This may be the most important reason to join a peer group. Honest and unbiased feedback is very difficult to receive from your employees because of the nature of the relationship. Excell provides a open, honest and confidential forum to vet new ideas to peers from non-competing companies and your coach.

5. Accountability

h How many times have you read a new idea and thought “we should implement that!” yet it gets lost among the everyday emergencies? Your peer group and your coach will regularly check in with your progress and keep you accountable to the long-term decisions and outcomes that are critical to your business.

6. Balance Life & Work

h Life as a CEO or owner of a company is almost always stressful and requires a delicate family/life balance. Executives of family-owned and closely-held companies are often even more complicated as the lines of business and personal often blur. Excell’s coaches have over 30 years of experience is guiding executives to successfully balancing the dynamics of family/partnership, business, and ownership.