Excell Growth firms are “journeyman” companies, usually with annual gross sales between $3 and $100 million. They have developed enough infrastructure for financial stability, but their challenge is to continue to grow and thrive in today’s crowded and competitive marketplace. They must work to build their teams and to extend their markets, while handling a myriad of people problems and keeping pace with technological change,

Their CEOs realize that they must constantly build their knowledge, skills and resources in order to fine-tune their operations and implement effective growth strategies. Excell Growth provides the structure and confidential setting for them to develop new tools and to draw on the experience and support of seasoned peers –those who really understand what the CEO is dealing with.

Growth CEOs join a specific, unique group of ten to twelve non-competing firms from a wide variety of industries. Each group meets for a full-day retreat once a month. The first half of the day, regularly features a presentation. Local and regional experts speak on subjects of immediate interest — real-time issues members must deal with today — and these experts form a strong base of resources that are readily available to the members. The second half of the day provides members the opportunity to focus on each others pressing issues. In rotation, one CEO presents a business and strategic plan –and gets honest, unbiased feedback. Then members lay on the table, and brainstorm, their most pressing business problems and opportunities, always finding that others have “been there” and can contribute resources and solutions. Members also meet monthly for individual coaching with their professional group Chair.

Excell currently has Growth groups in mid-sized and large cities throughout the Pacific Northwest.