Success & Succession in a Family Owned Business: The Next Generation

An Interview with Ken Austin and Scott Parrish of A-dec

Referred to as ‘The A-dec Way’, Joan and Ken Austin, co-founders of A-dec, developed, in 1964, a roadmap to champion initiative, integrity, open communication, and service to the greater community through a small company in Newberg. As a wife and husband team, Joan and Ken used this set of principles to guide the company through an unbending desire to serve and support personnel, supplies, distributors, dentists and their teams, and the patients who benefit from superior dental care

Almost 50 years later, ‘The A-dec Way’ continues to provide the path forward for the ongoing success and succession of A-Dec. Together, Joan and Ken grew the company and worked to lead the company through its growth and challenges. Joan’s passing away this year leaves a whole in many hearts while at the same time her impacting spirit and hard work have left a legacy of success through A-dec and the Allison Inn.

A number of years ago, they sagely invited their son-in-law, Scott Parrish, to lead the company to the next generation of excellence and plan for the sustained growth of the company. His hard work, with their support, has continued to grow A-dec and position it for success into the future.

Come ready for a candid discussion about the opportunities and challenges of growing a family-owned business. Be prepared for insightful stories and painful lessons from along the way. Get your most profound questions ready for this open dialogue about success and succession and join us for a look at Success and Succession to and through the next Generation.


  • Thursday, November 14, 2013
  • 8:00 a.m. -11:30 a.m.
  • Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland (Google map)
  • Admission: $45.00 per person (waived for Excell Members)

Registration is limited to Family-Owned/Closely-Held Business owners, family members and key leaders in their organizations.

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