Use the message text below to invite your Key Leaders to the October 10 “Change Agents 2013” presentation with Dan Miller. Simply cut and paste the invitation text below into a new email.

Please join me on October 10th for Dan Miller’s presentation Change Agents 2013: Tools for Conscious Leadership

Our ability to build relationships between people throughout the workplace is essential at all levels. When these relationships breakdown, information is withheld, immovable positions are taken and interpersonal dramas escalate. The ability for individuals and teams to take healthy responsibility for how they show up and hold themselves and each other accountable is essential to sustaining organizational excellence. The session will provide proven strategies to reduce drama, value human needs and increase organizational performance. Content includes:

  • Discover relationship patterns that do not support connection and creativity
  • Identify the three positions in the drama triangle
  • Practice strategies that reduce individual and organizational drama
  • Learn to communicate based on needs and feelings

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