How Excell Works

Excell uses the Leader to Leader™ Process to bring together groups of company owners, presidents and CEOs, and provide them a confidential place for the vital exchange of experience, resources and solutions.

Essential program components

Peer Executive Sessionsmeeting
The typical Excell group meets once a month, for a half or full-day executive session. Facilitated by a highly-skilled group leader, you will tackle your most pressing business and leadership challenges with other successful leaders who have been where you are. At these sessions, you can expect to gather critical insights, candid feedback, and real-world/real-time business perspectives.

By working consistently and regularly with the same group, you will develop strong trust-based relationships and get to know each other’s businesses intimately. Group leaders facilitate this sharing of information among members as well as identifying quality outside resources and serving as trusted confidants as needed.

Individual Consultationsconsultation
Before each executive session, you will meet privately for an individual consultation with the group leader. In the individual consultation, the group leader will help you determine the real-time, pressing issues and helps you frame them for presentation at the next executive session. If a critical issue comes up between monthly meetings, your group leader is always available via phone. These sessions are central to achieving maximum results.

Executive Development
developmentIn the monthly peer-group executive sessions, Excell members also regularly receive CEO-level training from regional experts on issues of immediate importance to you. Experts are carefully selected based on their expertise but also because of their awareness of regional political, economic, demographic and business issues impacting you and your business. All our experts have a strong commitment to local businesses, and because they are based in the northwest, there is greater availability and affordability in building a strong resource base for your future needs.