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Growing your business amidst challenging economic conditions is a formidable task. Chief executives are expected to be skilled in all areas of the business. And when it comes to the tough issues, chief executives learn how isolating it can be at the top.

Who do you lean on for advice?

  • Employees: Are you getting honest, informed and unbiased advice from those who report to you?
  • Advisers: Can you reasonably trust your outside advisers to be concerned with your entire business?
  • Competitors: Can you safely share confidential information freely with others in the same industry?

The Excell Solution

For over two decades, Excell has helped NW business leaders of family-owned and closely-held companies achieve and sustain growth and profitability with peer-to-peer mentoring.

The Excell Model is simple, yet effective:

  • Executives of family-owned and closely-held companies
  • Incisive questions
  • An environment of confidentiality and trust
  • One-on-one meetings with your leader
  • The wisdom of your peers

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“In our organization I find some ‘yes’ people and some ‘no’ people, but not a lot of unbiased input. That’s what I get from Excell.”
Gary Coe, President, Coe Enterprises

“In Excell I finally have time to work on my business rather than in it.”
Jay Wilt, Partner, Laughlin-Wilt Group

“Being a small, closely held business makes it difficult to get experienced, objective advice especially regarding family issues. Excell members have helped me work through some very difficult and sensitive issues over the years.”
Daniel Gossack, President, TimeMark Incorporated

“When issues are brought to Excell, I’m often amazed that the group’s collective answer is better than mine individually.”
Tim Leatherman, President, Leatherman Tool Group